facilitated by longstanding relationships

We cultivate enduring relationships with our clients through successful project management driven by making our clients’ goals our goals. We believe in the team approach. We’ve built a foundation of strong relationships with vendors, contractors and other industry professionals that enables us to bring value to our clients on multiple fronts


for over 30 years

Not only is Ni Design celebrating over 30 years of business, but our principal, Greg Gaudet, began our company with 10 years of retail and an additional 6 of general design and construction experience already under his belt. Though he and our seasoned staff have gained invaluable insight from years of working with dozens of local and national retailers, we never take our industry know-how for granted. We enjoy learning something new and adding to our arsenal with each new client and project.


on time and on budget

We see value engineering as an integral and critical step in our design process. We strive to achieve your aesthetic and operational goals as efficiently as possible to enhance your bottom line. We appreciate the critical nature of rollout schedules and diligently manage the drawing and construction schedules to stay on target.


from prototypes to nationwide rollouts

Our team of technicians thrives on the fast-paced nature of retail rollouts. Our experience working in states across the country and thousands of mall locations has taught us what to expect, what to look for and how to quickly adapt to the idiosyncratic requirements of each location. We pride ourselves on achieving seamless transitions at each of your store locations.

Creating Design Solutions

That Connect Your Brand and Your Customer

Retail environments are a visual and tactile manifestation of brand identity. We specialize in providing innovative solutions that capture the core essence of your brand and serve as a messaging vehicle. We understand the complexities of product positioning, and we design environments that feel current, stand the test of time and resonate across cultures and generations.